Our Approach


Our mission is to dismantle the cycle of poverty and imprisonment by creating an alternative approach to prison—one focused entirely on building lives and bettering communities. Reset campuses serve as a model for the justice system, demonstrating that a new mindset and approach can increase public safety, reduce costs, and improve lives.

By creating an experience centered on learning, education, and reentry, we empower sentenced individuals to reset their life trajectories—to envision and achieve futures of meaning, opportunity, and purpose. We put parents back in the home to raise healthy, educated children. We improve the vitality and safety of communities. We give a chance to generations.

Life at a Reset campus

The idea behind our campuses is simple: instead of serving time in a dehumanizing prison environment, a sentenced young adult lives at a “Reset campus” focused entirely on academics, career, and healthy living. Our program has three components:

24/7 Learning EnvironmentReentry from Day OneEngaging Education
TOur positive learning culture is the key factor in enabling student achievementStudents plan for and transition to the community across three stages — Ready, Reset, Reenter — and are supported through their transition homeWe integrate five RESET pillars — Relationships, Education, Social-emotional supports, Employment, and Time — into an engaging program for each student

Resetting the System

Reset’s approach to the system is similar to the charter school model in public education. Working in tandem with governments, Reset repurposes existing funding to operate a campus specifically designed to be as conducive to learning as possible.  Reset in turn is held accountable for improved outcomes—academic growth, lifetime earnings, reduced recidivism.  Without adding money to the system, we can change lives, save taxpayer money, and dramatically boost community vitality.

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