A Chance to Reset

By giving young people the chance to reset, we can empower individuals, families, and communities across the country.

Breaking the Cycle

Reset identifies promising young people trapped in the cycles of poverty, court-involvement, and unemployment, and offers them a high-quality residential program, where they learn to work, study, and live in healthy ways.

We believe that by providing young people a chance to “Reset,” we can save taxpayer resources, improve our neighborhoods, and empower individuals and families.


Your donation will help break down barriers and open doors for young adults in our community.

Reset Voices

“I had a lot of chances that I’ve just thrown away, but this time I want something different. I want to take that chance and make it worth it.”


“On our camping trip to Zion National Park, I learned what I am capable of…by pacing myself and giving myself credit, I could accomplish things that I’ve been told were unreachable.”


“Failure is gonna happen, but for the greatest success you have to work hard. That’s the greatest thing Reset has taught me.”