Nearly 90% of a child’s academic attainment can be predicted by their parents’.


68% of those leaving prison are rearrested within three years.


In some states, $50,000 sends one person to prison … the same annual cost as Exeter, the nation’s leading boarding school.


Students who don’t finish high school will earn $200,000 less than a high school graduate over their lifetime.

Many young people have faced barriers to success throughout their lives—
attending under-resourced schools, f
acing daily risks of violence, and having limited access
to the opportunities young people deserve. 
Ironically, for many young men, their time behind bars is
the first time that any 
significant resources have been directed toward them.

Environment Matters

The justice system acts as a detriment to progress for individuals. Current interventions in jail bring education programs into the existing environment—a hostile and dehumanizing setting that limits learning and is destructive to individuals’ health and relationships. Education and reentry programs are often too limited to fully support individuals in achieving long-term stability and success. The research is undeniable: the environment matters.

To truly empower Americans to escape the poverty cycle, we can’t just tinker around the edges, we need an entirely new approach.

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