Integrated, Holistic Programming

Reset is a residential education program for court-involved, transition-age youth. We integrate research-based practices to deliver holistic services and support in the areas of academics, career development, and wellness. Our approach is to combine government and private support to empower students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or college degree, gain work experience and start meaningful careers, and cultivate long-term healthy well-being. With the support of our local partnerships, we use evidence-based programming to meet our students’ individual needs.

Our Pillars

We create a family-like campus community where students build strong,
positive relationships with staff, community members, and one another.

Residential Life

Students develop independent living skills and build connections to their community through daily restorative justice practices and skill-building from cooking to financial literacy.


We offer a personalized, engaging academic program tailored to students’ individual academic goals. We partner with a local charter organization to allow students to earn a high school diploma through interdisciplinary units. We partner with colleges and universities to provide a pathway for students to gain college credits and work toward a 2- or 4-year degree.

Social-Emotional Wellness

We take a holistic approach to our students’ well-being through physical, social, emotional supports and healthy life skills that include fitness, mindfulness, and access to various therapeutic resources.

Employment & College

Students develop their professional skills and prepare for meaningful careers by engaging in career exploration, mentorship, and direct training. Our goal is for all students to leave campus with a post-secondary educational or employment opportunity in hand.


Graduates of our program continue to meet in person or remotely with their advisor after transition. We support students to secure stable housing and support them with resources to continue their goals across education, career, and wellness. Students stay involved in campus programming and act as peer mentors for current and incoming students.


Starting with the Bay Area, Reset is opening a network of campuses across the country.

Bay Area Campus


We are grateful for the assistance of our partners and supporters, who enable this work to happen.

Our Partners

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