Our mission is to dismantle the poverty to prison cycle by creating an alternative approach to prison—
one focused on building lives and bettering communities.

The Idea is Simple

Instead of serving time in a dehumanizing prison environment, a sentenced young adult lives at a Reset campus, focused entirely on academics, career, and healthy living. We create a positive, 24/7 environment that supports a whole student’s learning and growth.

At full scale, Reset campuses are designed to cost no more per student per year as prison. We partner with local and state governments to serve students using diverted funding that would have paid for their incarceration.

Our Pillars

Young people live in a positive campus learning environment while engaging in Reset’s five program pillars.


We create a family-like community where students build strong, positive relationships with staff, community members, and one another.


We offer a personalized,  engaging, project-based academic program that looks dramatically different from a traditional educational model.


We support our students’ well-being, through mental health, addiction recovery, mindfulness, and parenting programming.


Our students prepare for meaningful careers in demand industries through career exploration, mentorship, and direct training.


As students progress in the program, they earn greater levels of independence, enabling a smooth transition back into the community. Reset continues to offer academic classes, job coaching, and other support services for graduates.