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We opened the doors to our first residential campus in summer 2016. Our current cohort of students–young men, ages 18-24–are helping us to build the program model and pave the way for our future campuses. Students spend 12-24 months living and learning in our program, focused on interdisciplinary academics, career readiness, and health and wellness. We currently work with partners in Alameda and San Francisco County government to serve young people from these communities.

In 2014-2015, we ran a small non-residential program in San Francisco that built the foundation for our full residential campus. We are thrilled to be growing our campus community in the Bay.

Our Program

On campus, we come together every morning in circle to check in with one another and continually build an empowering, supportive culture that strengthens our relationships.

We invite community members and partners to collaborate across our programs areas. To enrich our academic program, we bring guest teachers and artists to work with students on projects from muralism to robotics to filmmaking and poetry. Our partnership with John Muir Charter School allows us to provide high school diplomas through engaging, interdisciplinary coursework. We partner with College for America to deliver college coursework and pathways to 2-4 year degrees.

We work with Options Recovery Center and Native American Health Center to provide students with access to physical and medical health services. We also partner with local providers to offer activities: mindfulness practice, yoga, and rock-climbing. We provide on and off-site counseling services around trauma, addiction, and mental health.

We bring in guest speakers and workshops, such as Raw Talk, to deliver programming on a spectrum of healthy life skills. We arrange volunteer opportunities, field trips and recreational activities to enable students to explore local community resources and our surrounding natural environment.

Learn more about our approach here.

 Our Voices

Student Voices

“We’re going to be the first alumni, and that’s big for me.
I’m becoming even more of a leader from being in the program…
I try to lead by example.”

Recent Highlights


Documentary Film Screening: Students participated in a documentary film project, creating short films that showcased their families, their experience and visions for the future. We partnered with the Schools Not Prisons Initiative through the California Endowment to work with guest artists on storytelling, video production, and photography. Their pieces will be featured in an on-campus screening.


We are grateful for the assistance of our partners and supporters, who enable this work to happen.

Our Partners


Help break down barriers and open doors for young adults trapped in the poverty cycle.

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