The Reset model was first developed by Co-Founder Jane Mitchell—after teaching in jails, she spent four years of graduate school developing a residential campus model to disrupt the prison to poverty cycle. Working with justice-involved focus groups and thinkers in the field, the Reset model integrated best practices from education, workforce, youth development, health, and justice. Several years later, Jane met and teamed up with Jen Anderson in 2012, who meanwhile had been pursuing her passion for reform since learning the word “recidivism” at age 12. Reset was officially founded in 2013, when the two of them decided to take the Reset model from concept to reality.

Reset’s work with students began with a small pilot program for young men from San Francisco and Alameda Counties, held in the San Francisco Goodwill building from 2014-2015. In 2016, we opened our full residential campus in Berkeley to serve 18-24 year-old young men from across the Bay Area.

Meanwhile, John Deasy had spent 32 years in public education advocating for students of color and systems-involved youth. After finishing as superintendent of Los Angeles, John began to think up plans for “New Day, New Year”—a movement with a mission and vision virtually identical to Reset’s. When he first met Jane and Jen summer of 2016, they found the alignment between their work uncanny: matching missions, core beliefs, culture.

It quickly became clear that both could go farther by working together. John joined Reset’s Board in fall 2016, and transitioned to the role of Reset CEO April 2017. Together, Reset is on a course we’re convinced will result in the greatest impact for individuals and families in America.

“I said to myself, wow, we’ve all been duped. There is an amazing amount of potential sitting here in these facilities and we are not taking advantage of it.”

Glenn Martin, JustLeadershipUSA
Founding Reset Board Member


Help break down barriers and open doors for young adults trapped in the poverty cycle.

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