Lexie Frosh



Lexie began thinking deeply about justice reform and education equity in high school, after completing a self-directed research paper on the conditions of Maryland’s juvenile detention centers. A native of Maryland, she was appalled by the injustices that youth her age were facing in prison. She was particularly discouraged by their lack of access to a quality education.

To dive deeper into this issue and to explore the social implications of policy in our society, Lexie studied Sociology as an undergraduate. As a co-founder of Stanford Financial Literacy for Youth, she worked with Boys and Girls Clubs in the East Palo Alto area to provide financial literacy programming to high school youth. The relationships she developed with mentees shaped her path after college. Learning about Reset was a pivotal moment for Lexie: Reset’s mission and work align with her belief in the need for transformative change. Lexie holds a B.A. in Sociology from Stanford University. Beyond her work at Reset, Lexie enjoys listening to and making music.